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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Coolidge Market - Lower Allston

The D├ęcor
The Main Attraction

Emblematic of the neighborhood itself, Coolidge Market in Lower Allston is little known, tough to get to, stuck in time, and cheap. I tried five times to pick up a sub here on the weekend, but each time it was closed.  In hindsight, one or two times it may have been open but the dearth of lights, signage, and other evidence of commercial activity in this residential neighborhood threw me off the scent. On my most recent visit, I had the good fortune of seeing a woman peering through the window who stood up slowly as I approached the store.

Upon entering, she scurried behind the counter. In the store itself, you will find mostly empty shelves with sparsely occupied by miscellaneous household supplies. To the right, you will find some fine, eclectic decoration, and to the left, the lady of the house stands in front of the menu, a cooler, and an entrance to a larger, seemingly residential kitchen. 

The Ambiance
The menu is simple; she takes your order in her delightful accent, and then gets to work. This woman, you might ask, is Alexandra Pappas--la properietaria di casa, although, with her last name, now I wonder if she is Italian at all.  Watch the review of Ms. Pappas' masterpiece below:

The Italian sub with everything is prepared completely to order. The whole tomatoes and head of lettuce are sliced by hand with a steak knife. The hots, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar each come in clear, unlabeled, glass bottles. The bread is a standard, Piantedosi loaf. Into the roll dressed with oil and vinegar, she layers a healthy heaping of salami, mortadella, and Italian ham on top of provolone cheese with more of a bite than standard delis. Then, she takes the sub into the back kitchen where she loads it into a commercial oven. I got nervous here. The toasted Italian is a horse of a different color. A sandwich featured in corporate, hell-hole shops like Subway or eaten by maniac, talking rodents who love the subs. 

They love the subs too.
However, Alexandra only toasts the sub for mere minutes, which rendered the ordinary roll crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The touch of heat brought new oils and flavors out of the what very well may be grocery store deli meats considering the sub was served in a major supermarket chain’s plastic bag. The star of the show is the ethereal liquid born out of the mixture of mystery oil, vinegar, and hots. At $5, the sub punches well above it’s weight considering its size, flavor, and quality. Like the neighborhood itself, you must prepare yourself for a unique, disconcerting experience obtaining the sub, but once you do, you will be pleasantly satisfied. Heres to hoping Harvard doesn’t buy this gem of lower Allston just to polish it up and triple the price.

Coolidge Market
30 Coolidge Rd.
Boston, MA 02134
8.8/10 on the Italian Sub Scale

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