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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dunkin' Donuts Cold Brew - Worcester, MA

Before a long, hot day of eating deli meat, a veteran sub savage needs a refreshing pep in his step first thing in the morning. Surfing the hipster wave, Dunkies started offering a cold brew all Summer 16, and it continues to this day. Tune in to the ice-cold, refreshing One-Sip Review below filmed in 2016 which was only recently harvested from the archives.

The Cold Brew is smooth, delicious, and refreshing. In fact, it does not require any milk or sugar, but of course, add to your preference. The Cold Brew will run you about $0.50 more than the run of the mill iced coffee, and depending on your preference, it may be worth the extra Kennedy half dollar. Either way, with the classics, cold brew, and new Monster x Dunkin' Energy Punch, Dunkies is expanding its offerings to meet the morning needs of ordinary joes, hipsters, and people interested in simultaneously increasing their risk of cardiac arrest and diabetes alike.

Multiple Locations

9.3/10 on the Cold-Brew Coffee Scale


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