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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bó de B - Barcelona, Spain

Més que un sándwich? At Bó de B, Petey Pablo and Pantz Branz made a pitstop on their aventura apasionada to try one of Barcelona's most popular sandwich shops. With a wide variety of cheap, delicious choices, the line out of the door stays packed, but these two gringos slithered their way to the front. Petey Pablo keeps it real and represents the history of Subs and Stuff and the Stars and Stripes, choosing a hamburger sub.

Peep the one bite review below to see how Barça does Burgers (on a sub).

Through the crusty roll, you will find a colorful mixture of red onions, beef, and cheese all con sabor español. It lacks the essential juice of an American burger but often does the hamburger sub as it forgoes the quality of a hand-held, handmade patty for expedience and length. In Spain, however, the other spices fill in for that all American beef, but it seems the scenery of cruise ships and yachts outside of the Reial Club Náutic de Barcelona added that little bit extra to elevate the sub into the 8 point range.

Bó de B
Carrer de la Fusteria, 14, 08002
Barcelona, Spain
8.2/10 on the Hamburger Sub Scale


  1. I myself am a fan of subs and burgers, and I've tried several of them in my town. If I do get a chance to visit there, I'll try it for sure.

  2. Top, you gotta. Keep writing and keep serving, dog.

  3. I also want to taste this yummy burger and sandwiches of Barcelona. I thought Barcelona is only famous for its football game but now came to know about its other specificity too.

  4. sup @SUP? now you know. Thanks to petey pablo

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