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Friday, December 2, 2016

Spalla's Chicago Italian Beef - Natick, MA

This site began as a quest for the best Italian Sub in Boston. Finding the best Chicago Italian Beef outside of Boston technically may not be the mission, but finding people making and selling authentic, creative, quality sandwiches is the mission wherever they may be.

Located inside of Culinary Delights, an upscale, European grocery store, Spalla's may seem a bit out of place, but there is no better way to have an Italian Beef with a Russian pear soda in the Commonwealth.

Check out the Bonez Man slurping hot beef in Natick by clicking on the video.

The hot giardiniera is the best part of this sandwich without a doubt. It's the best part of the Italian cold cut subs as well in Chicago - shout out to Graziano's. The beef is mild in flavor, and the dip is beefy yet mild as well. The sub is stacked well with meat and giardiniera. The cheese melts well in the sandwich, but the temperature was off in the sub even though it was freshly served. Perhaps, I am no expert on the Chicago Italian Beef -- it was better than my first experience at Portillos where they make you wait an hour to stare at old shit on the walls -- but give me an Italian cold cut sub every day of the week over a Chicago Italian Beef. Salami and prosciutto are not only more delicious, but you might just save the world eating them. What up Leo? 

It seem Spalla's is taking the Jefferson's route and moving on up out of the European Grocer, so stay tuned to where they land in 2017.

229 North Main Street
Natick, MA
8.0/10 on the Italian Beef Scale

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