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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ideal Sub Shop - Boston, MA

Breakfast - Cold Cuts - Steak
Usually with Italian Delis, all you have to judge the book by its cover is the name of this mythical Italian man, woman, or family like Bob or Monica. At Ideal Sub Shop, there is no name to take a chance on. In fact, there are no Italian people either. Perhaps not ideal in everyone's imagination, Ideal Sub Shop has a vast selection of subs, cheap prices, standing room only, and friendly Cape Verdean employees clad in classic white aprons and paper classy caps.
Look at that Classy Cap
The menu features hot and cold selections ranging from an american combo to roast pernil. Neither American nor Cape Verdean, the Italian Combo is front and center on the menu and is available for the jaw dropping prices of $4.55 for a small and $6.75 for a large.

Flopped out on the lap
Despite the deep yearning to pick up a Pernil Sub, Matt E. Bonez snagged a large Italian Combo and watched the men and women behind the glass-enclosed counter get to slicing. Click the video below for the review.

Beware, "everything" at Ideal Sub Shop includes mayonnaise and mustard regardless of the sub. A large is served on an entire Piantedosi loaf, which is nearly 20" long. All meats at Ideal are hand-sliced to order right into the loaf of bread. Topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, oil, vinegar, oregano and a simple hot relish, the sub is a classic Italian. The meats are not elite quality, but it certainly hits the spot for the price. The roll is what you would expect from Piantedosi: soft, standard sub roll.

The Italian Combo from Ideal Sub Shop in Boston

At under $7 for one of the biggest sandwiches in Boston, there is no question this is what you need if you are a famished glutton with $5 on the Roxbury/Dorchester line. However, for the more discerning tastes, the Italian might not be the number one option.

Ideal Sub Shop
522 Dudley St.
Boston, MA 02119
8.2/10 on the Italian Sub Scale

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