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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Her Name Was Lola, She Owned a Sub Shop in Natick, MA

Prosciutto Pesto

Last time I heard of someone named Lola, she was a showgirl with yellow feathers in her hair and her dress cut down to there dancing for dollars at the Copacabana. Well, either that lovely lady Lola transitioned into another less revealing career or another lass with the name Lola learned how to slice meat and serve subs. Far from the island tropics, Lola now serves sandwiches in the center of Natick, MA about half a marathon away from the city honored on the back of their shirts: It's a little bit of the North End in Natick. 

No remorse with the banana peppers
After passing maps of Italy, family photos, and a few racks of italian specialty goods like jars of pesto and tins of sardines, you will find the menu and counter along with several showgirl servers. Here, you can choose from a selection of reasonably priced subs, plates, and even a gluten-free options. We're definitely in the suburbs now. 

The Italian is served on a real italian loaf, which is very soft and tasty. Sandwiched in the loaf, genoa salami, hot ham, mortadella, and provolone are sliced on the thick. Although fairly generous in quantity, the meats are not of the highest quality, but they are a flavorful trio of better than average deli meats. The accoutrement do not include lettuce, and onions, tomatoes, and pickles are diced raw. For hots, a simple scattering of banana peppers was an afterthought. However, Like the Italian Kitchen in Brockton, the Italian vinaigrette earns this sub its stripes. A well balanced tangy dressing with flavor of garlic and herbs, this special sauce must be how Lola keeps the fellas comin' back because the juice is right. 

At 7 for a small and 8.50 for a large the Italian is definitely a worthwhile lunch if you happen to find yourself jonesin in Natick. Yet the gem of the menu is the Prosciutto sub with pesto. Thinly sliced prosiutto is drizzled with divine pesto and sprinkled with milky balls of bocconcini. It's hard to recommend the Italian over this sandwich for a dollar more, yet I imagine that if Lola gets the subs all hot and bothered and the Prosciutto and the Italian end up making a baby sub, that baby, my friend, might be worth the trip. 

Lola's Italian Groceria
9 Main St.
Natick, MA
8.2/10 on the Italian Sub Scale

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  1. dad e.bonez may have to plan a Natick short range recon patrol soon.