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Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween Whopper at Burger King

They been doing it right over in France with the Darth Vader Whopper aka the Dark Vador Burger, which popped up alongside a weak Jedi Burger in Burger Kings across la République française in 2012. Well it took All Hallow's Eve to bake the buns black here in the good old US of A, but the Halloween Whopper has arrived.

The Halloween Whopper is a standard, delicious flame-broiled Whopper topped with A-1 Sauce sandwiched between black buns with "real" A-1 "flavor baked into the bun." Well, there is something baked in the bun for sure, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Peep the video below for the exclusive Subs and Stuff One-Bite Review.

Matt E. Bonez is no stranger to the Whopper, and this bad boy is like an your old man after hitting it big on the ponies. Daddy pulls up in a brand new whip with the all-black paint job like you've never seen before. This thing is all black with the off-white, sesame-seed spots. On the interior, it's the same flavor you know and love except for one thing. Daddy got a new pair of shoes, and these shoes are made of A-1 sauce. Tangy and smoky, the sauce is like when the lead singer of Next's girl felt a little poke coming through. Daddy got a surprise for Mama tonight, and Mama likes it.

All-Black Kit 
Beware with the Halloween Whopper, however, it's not all treat. Like any good Halloween, there is a trick, yet this trick waits a day. The next day, my shit glowed green like the hills of the Emerald Isle. From France, to the US, to Ireland, the Halloween Whopper is an international journey through flavor  from before it enters your mouth and after it leaves your ass.

Happy Halloween.

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Halloween Whopper
8.9/10 on the Flame-Broiled Whopper Scale

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