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Monday, August 24, 2015

True or False: Victor's Deli has the best Italian Sub in Somerville?

I went in right after that guy in the comfortable sweatsuit.
Somerville's Ball Square sits at a crossroads. Literally, Broadway crosses over Boston Ave and some  train tracks. Medford meets Somerville. Tufts students meet (and run away from) Somerville lifers. Kitty-corner to Lyndell's Bakery, Victor's Deli may be a century newer, but it nonetheless represents and serves the local community with homemade Italian specialties in a no frills environment on a stretch of some newer, hipster cafes and some older, dilapidated auto mechanics.

The Moccia family opened shop over 30 years ago on Broadway, and the family-run joint continues to serve cold and hot subs and Italian dinners featuring Rosa Moccia's homemade marinara sauce. Headlining their cold subs, the Italian is available as regular and Super, which features thin-sliced prosciutto for $0.50 more--a no brainer. Mr. Bonez snagged a Super Italian and took a seat in their small dining area on the other side of the counter. Peep the video below for the One-Bite review.

With a healthy amount of salami, mortadella, prosciutto, and provolone, the sandwich has the potential to be great. However, the inclusion of sliced pepperoni overpowers the attractively folded, premium meats and cheese. The sub is served with a knife and a fork, which is either a nod to its size or because Victor's is classy like that. This guy, however, used the fork to remove the overwhelming amount of pickles. The sub is loaded with chopped pickles, onions, and tomatoes doused in a tasty oil and vinegar mix. On top of all this, the hots are a spicy, tangy relish, which is great and cuts through the taste of pickles and pepperoni. The sub roll is very soft, but it holds the weight of this sub together well.

Victor's Super Italian
Victor's serves a classic Italian, which undoubtedly has won the hearts of locals growing up on this taste. With no pickles or pepperoni, this becomes a much better Italian sub on a soft roll, which is similar to other old-school Italian take-out joints who serve excellent, home-made chicken cutlets, marinara sauce, and calzones. For big portions, wide variety, and family-run service, hit up Victor's, but hold the pickles.

Victor's Deli
710 Broadway
Somerville, MA
7.9/10 on the Italian Sub Scale

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