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Monday, June 1, 2015

Russo's Market - Watertown, MA

The Sun Shall Shine on Those who Stand before the Deli Counter
Over 75 years ago, Antonio Russo started growing and shipping produce alongside his sons in Watertown. While A. Russo & Sons' Market may look more like a home depot from the outside with stacks of pallets and rows of roses and other flowers, inside, the quantity of quality fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, and bread is glorious.

The Deli Counter where Subs are Born
Behind a smattering of freshly cut cheeses, the sub chefs stand guard in front of a chalk board advertising all of the deli's offerings. With a number of standard offerings, including the Italian, the deli also allows you to create your own sandwich from their selection of fresh, in-house ingredients. In true savage fashion, Matt E. Bonez ordered a large Italian with everything from the delightful deli employee, and my sub was on the way.

The Italian with Everything at Russo's Market - Click the video below to see the review.
A market first and foremost, Russo's does not have seating, which left me to eat the sub on the hood of my car like a serious savage. The looks from homemakers exiting their SUV increased with each bite as the hots and oil ran down my hands like lava leaving a glowing, greasy, orange puddle on the car. Speaking of the hots, they were totally out of control. Not out of bounds--shout out to Guy Ferry--but out of control as in the sub chef had no control of her hands when adding them to the sub.

The toppings on this sub are all top notch and very fresh as you would expect from a market of this quality. The bread is good quality, but it is on the chewy side; it could use some crunch. The meats are included in healthy portions and are tasty, but this sub was truly overwhelmed by hot relish and balsamic vinegar. So is the downfall of the one-bite review: this sub has the potential to be far better than 7.8, and as you can see in the video, it pained Mr. Bonez to give it such a score. While Russo and Sons certainly have green thumbs when it comes to produce, their subs would benefit some some dexterity and restraint when adding the hots.

A. Russo & Sons' Market
560 Pleasant St.
Watertown, MA
7.8/10 on the Italian Sub Scale

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