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Monday, May 4, 2015

Italian Express Pizzeria - East Boston

Hooooooooo. When Guy Ferry comes to town, everybody starts licking their bacon lips and announcing his arrival from the mountain tops. Somehow, Guy flew under the Subs and Stuff radar when he stopped here in 2012, but a reader and fellow sub savage recommended the Italian sub here. This particular recommendation illustrated an important fact: never rate a sub when hungry like a horse. Hunger blinds.

At the last place Guy Ferry hit up in "Boston," Cutty's, the Subs and Stuff Savages found their sandwiches somewhat overrated relative to the amount of Boston-based and Guy Ferry hype they have received. Italian Express Pizzeria may have opened its doors to Guy, but otherwise, only one random reader recommended their Italian sub. Alongside a group of tourists from the South, I ordered an Italian with everything to enjoy at one of their many tables surrounded by pictures of Italian-American luminaries like Pink, Al Capone, Luciano Pavarotti, and Guy Ferry.

If you don't know, now you know. Guy tattooed his head on the wall to the left as well.
This place is no sub shop; it's a real-deal restaurant. The Italian sub is an afterthought on their menu with speciality pizzas and Italian classics. Italian Express Pizzeria has a liquor license as well and besides the bottles of vino, they offer Bud Light for $4.95. I skipped the hooch this visit and stuck to the sub. See the video below for the one-bite review.

At $8.50, Italian comes served on a nice, tasty, soft roll with a solid, crusty exterior. It's slightly chewy, but overall, it is a good roll. Inside the roll, you will find finely chopped pickles, onions, tomatoes with a hot pepper relish and actual ground pepper. Underneath these toppings, which include a healthy amount of middle-of-the-mall deli pickles, lies the meat of the sandwich.
Sliced Pepperoni like I'm Some Kind of Chump
As you can see, the meat is straight Lunchables. Sliced pepperoni that belongs on a cheap pizza, deli ham, and salami with what seemed like American cheese. Somehow, the combination isn't that bad, which speaks to the roll and the hots. Somehow, it still tasted pretty good. Maybe it reminded me of school lunches in elementary school as I ate my Lunchables by myself at a table built for a group, but regardless of what Guy Ferry said, this sub is not Subs and Stuff approved.

Don't get it twisted, Italian Express Pizzeria seems to invest far more of its effort and resources into its actual Italian dishes and pizzas. The group beside me ordered mussels, chicken parm, and a pizza, which all looked delcious and appropriately covered in sliced pepperoni. If you want an Italian, head elsewhere. If you want to ride with the top down and your permanently spiked, white hair cutting through the breeze to eat lunchables for $8.50 or sample another real Italian meal that looks sausage-finger-lickin-good, then check it out.

336 Sumner St.
East Boston, MA
6.1/10 on the Italian Sub Scale

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