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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Al's State Street Café - Financial District

The Italian's Italian

Like Styles P. said, daddy gotta get that cash. When daddy's getting that cash in Boston's financial district, daddy gotta get that sub, and daddy's got choices. Yet unlike the horrible, bougie, disgusting chains like Cosi, Al's State Street Cafe has been serving some of the best subs in Boston for over a decade to the working stiffs on State St.

While loyal patrons have come to love the massive loaves, separate lines for hot and cold subs, and yellow shirts, perhaps nothing about Al's is more beloved than Al's mother who works the cash register and greets each customer with the sweetest and most familiar "Hi Honey" you will ever hear.

An Al's regular and Financial District working stiff, Timmy Two Scoops, said "Hi Honey" to Al's mom, ordered an Italian's Italian with everything, and sent in his very own one-bite review to Subs and Stuff Boston. Despite juice running down his manly hands, he executed a stellar review. Check it out.

With Timmy Two Scoops' review in the book, this became a job for the Submarine Savages. Matt E. Bonez took a minute out of his hectic, hectic schedule and risked his boyish figure on a large, 20" Italian Italian with Everything. Check out the official one-bite review filmed by Steady Handz Pantz Branz himself.

The Italian at Al's comes served on Al's standard, massive, french loaf. The large, $8.50, rings in at 20" and the small, $6.50, at 10". Either size is a straight value particularly in the area. Overall, Al's is a blessing in the area to break the monotony of corporate, cookie-cutter wraps and salads with real subs served by real people. The Italian's Italian comes with mortadella, salami, capicola, provolone with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and hot peppers. It's a textbook Italian. Al's bread, while spectacular for its hot subs, is crusty and flaky, but lacks the billowy interior that the best Italian's have. In other words, there's not enough meat on the Italian to fill out the roll like its hot cousins, the steak and cheese, meatball, or chicken arianna.

Another strong point for the area, Al's is super quick, and they crank out subs in less than a minute. On the Italian, the speed supersedes the highest of highest quality of ingredients and occasionally the ratio is thrown off, as Timmy Two Scoops discovered, with too many deli pickles and not enough meat. In the Financial District, Al's is simply the best bet for subs if you can't decide which one. Its hot subs like the Steak Pizzaiola is one of the best and biggest subs in Boston. However, if you know you're looking for an elite Italian, its worth a walk across Atlantic Ave.

Al's State Street Café
112 State St.
Boston, MA 02109
7.4/10 on the Italian Sub Scale

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