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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Deal Fruit - Revere, MA

When you hear New Deal Fruit, you don't automatically think of Italian subs. Yet the Petruzzellis do their best to convince you otherwise with the facade of their store in Revere where they offer one of the finest selections of fruit, deli meat, Italian specialties and subs this side of the Mediterranean.
You Can't Miss It.
Walking through the front door adorned with "Italian Bad Boyz of Comedy" ads, you're immediately greeted by a vast array of fruit.  Two thirds of the store is seemingly dedicated to their namesake along with various vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, italian specialties, etc. and they go TOFTB to show it off.  Each bin of citrus has a single halved sample to show you just how fresh everything is.  

The over/under on the number of times Frank Santorelli makes that gesture during his set is 69.5.  
Hammer the over.  (3/21 at The Regent Theatre by the way; Rico Marinara is looking for a date.)
As much as the first lady may have enjoyed a nice winter citrus salad featuring some of New Deal's produce, the squad was salivating for some subs. 

In the left-hand third of the store, you will find a deli adorned with hand-written signs advertising some of their specialty subs with names chiefly revolving around baseball and explorers. Above the counter, you will find meats and cheeses dangling deliciously above "Da [freshly baked] Bread" and in front of the staff. 
Da Bread and Da Cheese
Da Staff and Da Baseball Subs and Da Bread 
Clad in traditional, white chef's coats, the staff is quick and efficient, albeit a bit coarse. They don't play around when it comes to making subs, but you have to take their sarcasm in stride when ordering. Speaking of ordering, we snagged four Italians for the Subs and Stuff Savages. Along with some San Pellegrino Limonatas, Arizona Arnie Palmies, and Italian Espresso Sodas, we sauntered outside with our subs to tailgate in the parking lot as there is no seating at New Deal Fruit.  Peep the professionally produced video below to see what we're talking about. 

We tried to sample both the Italian ($6.99) and Special Italian ($7.99; adds pepperoni and capicola to the mix if I remember correctly), but ended up with four of the old standbys with our specified toppings.  Bottom line, the price to quality ratio makes this a sub both you and your wallet would be happy to eat on the reg.  Everything is perfectly balanced, but the chewy bread leaves a bit of crisp and crunch to be desired. While the bread's exterior is on the chewy side, it is soft enough inside to cradle all of the meat, cheese, and toppings. The toppings, plentiful indeed, include a delicious and spicy hot relish, and the combination perfectly balance the amount of meat in the sub. These guys know their toppings too as they scoffed in disbelief when asked to put mayo on an Italian. Unfortunately, much of this topping mix ended up falling out of the back roll and onto the parking lot pavement. Be careful where you eat as the New Deal Italian can get a bit messy. 

At the checkout, we were not only pleasantly surprised by the low $6.99 price tag but also enjoyed some very friendly banter. Between the women behind the counter and the gentlemen waiting by the door, the Petruzzellis make you feel like family at New Deal. In fact, Subs and Stuff webGOD Ev was mistaken for Harry, a former deli employee. As Ev checked out, one of the Petruzzelli brothers harassed him to hurry up and get back behind the counter. In the same vein, he complimented us on our height and taste in subs, thanked us for coming in, and encouraged us to come back soon. To that, there is no doubt. New Deal Fruit is a Subs and Stuff Certified Sure Thing, and we will be back soon.

New Deal Fruit
920 Broadway
Revere, MA 02151

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