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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mail Bag Sub Review - Katz's Deli, NYC - Petey Pablo

The US Postal Service may not be delivering mail in this blizzard, but the Subs and Stuff Mail Bag is wide open, ladies and germs. Digging through the bag today, I came across a friendly, little note from avid reader and NYC transplant, Petey Pablo.
Although much lighter-skinned than his namesake from North Carolina, Petey Pablo treats Katz's pastrami like some freak-a-leek and got the meat sweats so hard he had to take his shirt off and twist it around his head like a helicopter.
Someone just told Petey Pab he ate at Subway.
Visit Rap Basement to read about Petey Pab's personal chef in prison.
Peep Petey Pab's one-bite review from Manhattan's most famous deli.

Unlike the thousands of other luminaries who left their mark on this deli with an autographed picture, Petey Pablo dropped a spot-on review in perfect Subs and Stuff fashion. And take notice, ladies love a sub reviewer. Petey Pablo got girls writing his name in mustard out here in these Manhattan streets.
What's in a name? That which we call a Sub Reviewer. By another name would taste as delicious.
Stay tuned for more guest posts of spectacular sub sandwiches around the globe. If you feel like having your name written in the condiment of your choice, send in your own one-bite review to the Submarine Savages at, or add us and message us on Twitter (@subsandstuffbos), Instagram (@subsandstuffboston), or Facebook.

Stay hungry my friends.

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