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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mail Bag Sub Review - Aggie's Grill Station, Raleigh, NC - Dewey D.

On Monday, Petey Pab told North Carolina to raise up, and they did. Everyone's favorite southerner Dewey Dlugolecki rose up and represented for Raleigh, NC with a delightful guest review from Aggie's Grill Station on the north side of town.
That car is awfully close to the patio.
He keeps it real, however, punishing the sandwich in Westfield State University's flyest gear and delivering a flawless Subs and Stuff one-bite review.

The sub roll does look delicious even if the ingredients seem a bit middle-of-the-mall between banana peppers and bologna. The fine, white, china is a nice touch and certainly classes up the presentation.
Southern Italian
In his write-up, The Prince of Raleigh points out that Aggies makes their Italians a bit differently. They serve the sub hot and include a special house sauce, which tickled Dewey's fancy.
subs. As I mentioned, it's tough to find a good Italian down here at a local shop. Most of the restaurants are gonna serve you fried food or barbecue (not that there's anything wrong with that). Seeing that this was my first Italian in a little while, it tasted that much better. I wasn't exaggerating with the 8.7 though. The bread was soft, crispy and warm. The meats were thick cut and went well with the house sauce. The veggies were a nice touch, but not overpowering. The meats and sauce told the story.

If any of you northerners decided to venture down here to one of the greatest southern cities, I'll take you to Aggie's. To be honest though, the best food down here is still barbecue. You Bostonians definitely take the cake when it comes to subs. I do miss having a deli around every corner.

Anyways, this place was great. 8.7/10.

Keep it going SubsandStuff. We love you down here!

Well look at that, people. True southern hospitality and a brilliant write up. Next time you're in Raleigh be sure to hit the man up, and next time you eat an Italian, get like him and hit up the mail bag.

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