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Friday, February 6, 2015

Dino's - North End

If you find yourself at the corner of Prince and Salem Streets in the North End in search of an Italian Sub and you choose to walk into Dino's instead of Monica's, well, then, you're a lunatic. Somehow, I still find myself barraged by bougie broads recommending Dino's subs when I'm in the North End. Well, the hoagie hero needed to see what all this ¡OMG! hype was about, and he also needed a place with a table to eat. In these streets, we ain't eating outside, ya dig.

Dino's menu is poorly hand-scrawled on massive chalkboards hanging on the wall above the tables scattered about the corner restaurant. The Italian's Italian features genoa salami, mortadella, sweet capicola, provolone, and "every hots" on a 16" french roll for $9.00.
Italian's Italian and an Italian PBR
While the hand-written, chalkboard menu seems like it was done by a 3rd-grader, the staff is made up of friendly adults, who beckon customers in from the frigid temps to enjoy a bite to eat amidst all-red Christmas lights reminding me of some type of submarine Red-Light District. Contrary to what you might think, I kept my clothes on and no one paid for sex during the making of this video.

The sub is essentially a romaine salad with hots dressing served on a loaf of bread. As you can see in the video, once I gnawed through the roughage, I met the meat, one of which had a foul, dry, commercial ham taste. The bread is nice and crispy, and it is a good size sub. But this sub is basically a Salad Sub with a heaps of hots and a hint of foul-tasting meat, a sub only a lunatic could love. The sub only earns points for size, quality bread, and the diminishing foul-meat taste the more you eat.

The steak and cheese, which came very highly recommended, is a fair sandwich. However, again there's really not much craftsmanship going on here as it was a large portion of steak placed atop cheese placed atop pretty good bread. If you're not distributing the cheese throughout the steak, I'm not paying $10 for your sandwich.

141 Salem St.
Boston, MA 02113

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  1. of course you don't order the italian at dinos you retards. order the meatball, that is dinos. italians = monicas. meatball = dinos