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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Subs and Stuff on the Road: The Phat Italian - Killington, Vermont

After a long day of "shredding" (shout out to ozman), the average skier is thinking about two things. #1: Beer #2: Food. If you're not familiar with the term "Apres ski," it's basically the best part of skiing. Chowing unhealthy amounts of food/alcohol following a tiring day out on the slopes.

So, my friend Peter Cirilli and I took care of Step 1 of the day. Although we showed up about an hour late to a photoshoot at Killington's newly constructed terrain park, we managed to get the job done and walked away with some solid photos. #shred
Working up my appetite. Peter Cirilli Photo

We made our way over to unanimous favorite deli in town, "The Phat Italian." If you ask any local from Killington where to get the best sub, this is the recommendation 9/10 times. Though I've dined at the Phat Italian before, I've never opted to try their italian sub which is listed on the menu as "The Phat Italian." Dang, this sub must be good if they are going to name it after the actual deli itself. I had high expectations.

I ordered the sub as it was listed on the menu but ditched the red onions and roasted red peppers and asked for hots. The "hots" that came on the sub turned out to be banana peppers. Bummed, but ill make due.

One bite, as usual. The bread had a nice crusty outer layer and a softer inside. The best breads should be like this. Kind of like Old Man Marley aka "The South Bend Shovel Slayer." Seems like a harsh guy on the outside. But when you get to know him, turns out he's a pretty nice dude. Stupid Buzz, spreading all kinds of false accusations.
Old Man Marley = Bread
Overall, the sub had nice flavor. The mozzarella was good and it had nice seasoning, no balsamic. But I was missing the spice from the nonexistent hots and the meats were lacking flavor I come to expect with my favorite Italian subs. Tony Soprano would not approve.

It was a tasty sandwich, it quenched my hunger and I left the place happy and satisfied. My 7.1 may have been a bit high having been influenced by my hunger generated by a hard day of skiing but hey, mission accomplished.

The Phat Italian
2384 Killington Rd
Killington, VT

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