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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Roy's Cold Cuts - East Boston

Roy himself told us the best of the best want his subs. His name carries weight like a leg of prosciutto in these parts and beyond. While the neighborhood has changed throughout the years, the store hasn't, and the name is still the same. 

Limo drivers love Roy's and regularly swing by Marion St. to order Boston's Best for Hollywood's Finest. On a cold Saturday in November, his store was filled with people--some drove down from New Hampshire for a sub and took some cold cuts for the road, because there's no Roy's in the Granite State. In fact, there's really not much in the Granite State beside trees, and guns, and ManchVegas. 

Thankfully, we did not have to travel far to enjoy Roy's sprawling selection of
subs, penny candy, pictures of celebrities, and classic rock memorabilia. 
The submarine savages selected their subs--a Roy's Special and a Super Italian--enjoyed some pleasantries with Roy himself, and sauntered off to the epic Madonna Shrine atop Orient Heights to enjoy these heavenly creations in the shadow of Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for our sandwiches, now and at the hour of lunch, Amen. 

The Super Italian is top-notch.  With the sweet dry cure and hot sopressata on either side like angels on the prosciutto's shoulders, the amount of delicious meat on this sub is pure, unabashed gluttony. Roy's leaves the lettuce for the birds, and crams in pickles, tomatoes, onions, hots covered in a delicious dressing, topped with herbs and provolone. The ingredients are cradled in a soft roll, which is versatile and delicious to match Roy's menu, but a slightly crustier roll would let this sub live up to its name. 
Super Italian at Roy's 
While partial to the Super Italian's use of imported Parma prosciutto and dry cured soppressata, you can't go wrong with the many cold cut iterations Roy has concocted.  His namesake special includes hot coppa, Genoa salami, provolone, and the ginger stepchild of deli meat, prosciuttini.  For those of you not as deep into the sub game don't let the name fool you, prosciuttini is cooked ham that is nothing like prosciutto.  The hot coppa keeps things popping here.  

Maybe Roy could combine all five meats from the Super Italian and Roy's Special to create a Subs and Stuff Special?  Maybe throw some fresh mozzarella into the mix?  Maybe start selling these exclusive Roy's Cold Cut tees again? Maybe bring back the bo-staff? We can always dream.
Bo-Staff and Shirt
One of our favorite things about Roy's is that everything is available as a half sub.  If you're as indecisive as us, this allows you to grab maybe a cold sub like the Super Italian and something hot like the Godfather (Imported Parma prosciutto, chicken cutlet, tomato, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, seasoning and oil) for right around $10 total. 

Roy's Cold Cuts embodies the holy trinity of great sub shop attributes: quality, diversity of menu, and friendliness of staff. And as the old Roy's saying goes on the back of a t-shirt worn by one man a long time ago, "Tired of the rest? Now try the best!"

Roy's Cold Cuts
198 Marion Street
East Boston, MA
Try the whole damn menu.

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