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Thursday, January 15, 2015

S & L Cold Cut Center - Chelsea

I am a sucker for Cold Cut Centers. What can I say? I love the name. Accurate and alliterate. S & L Cold Cut Center has enchanted me for months. 

Yet its location both fascinated and deterred me: around the corner from the French Naturalization Club, it is a convenient lunch break for any of the 3 people who meet the membership requirements in greater Chelsea; it is remarkably inconvenient for any one who does not carry cash as it sits amidst a paucity of banks-unless you use Webster Bank like a freak.

Well guess what, ladies and germs—I saved up some green backs, took a ride up to north Chelsea, and closed my eyes as I drove past the one naturalized French citizen wearing a wife beater ripping a Marlboro red in the rain.
S&L Cold Cut Center is as I expected—a charming relic, generally untouched since the early 90s. 

The staff is equally endearing, and I ordered a large Imported Italian with everything, which rang in under $9.00. A fair price for a large Imported Italian anywhere, S&L’s large is a horse, a veritable Clydesdale. It takes two luxury paper plates to hold this behemoth, which the kind lady, who hand crafted it, delivered to my table.

The sub is very good. At the price, it’s fantastic. However, while the meats may very well be imported, they are thickly sliced, and, you know, frankly, I found the taste, rather elementary. The veggies here are thickly sliced as well, so if you’re not a fan of chunky accoutrements, keep that in mind. However, the white onion choice is far preferable to the potent, thick red onions at Bob’s. The hot game is middle of the mall, but tasty, and the oil and vinegar is balanced and delicious. At the end of the day, the size here is overwhelming, and I felt like Ugly and Sanchez were just going to show up and kick me to the curb at any moment. Except we weren’t in Miami, and I still had my pants on. The 7.5 is fair, but for a human with a regular appetite the large is 2-3 full-size sandwiches so the 7.5 is actually like a 15-22.5 if you done learned how to multiply.

S & L Cold Cut Center
462 Eastern Avenue
Chelsea, MA 02150


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