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Monday, January 5, 2015

Cutty's - Brookline

Sidenote: Apparently Guy has his own stencil.  In said stencil it looks like Guy was also attacked by Voldemort as a baby:

Given this resume, do you think Cutty's in Brookline was towards the top of our 2015 hit list?
In the words of the ever eloquent OG Maco, bitch you guessed it.

From front to back:  Greens Bacon ($8.95), Pork Rabe ($9.95; Served on Saturday's only), Spuckie ($9.95).  BONUS Limeade rating: 9.2 ($2.25/$2.55)

Ry Will:  Walking in you're greeted by a cooler full of veggies pickled in house, containers full of pork fat, and stuff like Pok Pok Drinking Vinegar. While generally a great sign of things to come, lets be serious, we're not buying any of that.  The sub squad and editor/first lady Jennifer ordered up our three sandwiches and crammed into a two top because the kind couple across from us decided their coats needed seats at a four top more than we did.

Matt E. Bonez: In fact, it was this type of inconsiderate behavior I found emblematic of the clientele in there. Everyone looked so excited to try these overhyped sandwiches they weren't really paying attention to much else. There were also a higher-than-usual-amount of children and clean, well-dressed people than I am used to seeing at the majority of places I frequent. Between the clientele, the cooler of goods, and the lower case letters and poorly arranged nouns (greens shallot) on the menu, I found everything obnoxiously bougie. 

Ry Will:  It's almost like Ikea designed the place and forgot the meatballs.  Jennifer's Greens Bacon looked delicious but the promised mayo ended up tasting more like fluff.  Branzie would have mowed this thing down like a pirate pizza from Papa Gino's.  The Spuckie was seemingly right in our Italian sub craving wheelhouse (Bova's has the best definition of a Spuckie that I've found if you're unfamiliar).

Butttt despite what the name insinuated this is straight muffaletta run through a panini press.  The olive and carrot salad dominated the scant meat and cheese.  Do yourself a favor and keep it cold.

Matt E. Bonez:  I don't like hot salami. It smells different. It's wet. It ain't right. The bread was burnt and it chewed my mouth to shreds. Remember, no shred zone. Between the hot meat and the mozzarella the sandwich tasted like a carrot slaw, ham, and olive pizza on a crust made of broken glass. 

Well, Cutty is definitely not DiNic nor is it Tony Luke. Where Cutty's pork lacks the delicious au jus, it tries to make up for it with an excessive amount of rabe, and the bitterness of the garlic and rabe overpowers the paltry amount of pork. The sharp provolone is delicious, no doubt. Yet again, the bread returns with a crispy vengeance with no pork jus to soften its crushing crunch. 

Ry Will:  For me, Cutty's is like the sandwich shop equivalent of the 2014/15 Cleveland Cavaliers.  While a championship contender or even favorite on paper, ultimately the individual ingredients are greater than the sum of its parts. 

284 Washington Street
Brookline, MA 02445

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