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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vinny's - East Somerville

After a stomach shattering meal of meat at one of the finest Brazilian per kilo restaurant, Gauchão's, I noticed a glowing beacon of Italian-American glory. I returned the next day to order an Italian. Vinny's Superette on Broadway in East Somerville, which by the way has a number of delicious restaurants with cuisines from all over the world and a freshly paved road, is a classic, prototypical Italian sub shop.
With the red, white, and green trim and Vinny himself sporting a very handsome mustache, the exterior invites you in to a sub shop in the front and a dining room in the back, which was mobbed at 12:30 PM on a Tuesday.
Inside, Vinny himself, or at least another man with a moustache, will hand slice your meat onto a fresh sub roll for a whopping Italian sub that rings in at only $7.20.
Basically, the sub was underwhelming. From the looks of it, this place has it all. Friendly, inviting moustaches and hand-sliced meat. It's like a gay bar in the late 70's without disco or a sexual orientation. The bread was far too soft. The meat, far too skimpy. And the banana peppers, far too prevalent. The banana peppers were the first indication that this wasn't going to be an upper echelon Italian. Anyway, it was a pretty good sub at a fair price. Next time, I'm headed straight to the back to hit up Vinny's Ristorante with the old timers for a bowl of angel hair and cutlets with my boy Rico Marinara. 

Vinny's Superette
76 Broadway St. 
East Somerville, MA

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