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Friday, September 26, 2014

Tour of Waltham

Tour of Waltham. City of subs. 

Moody's Delicatessen & Provisions
468 Moody St., Waltham, MA.

Dominic's Italian Bakery & Deli
987 Main St., Waltham, MA

Moody’s was jam packed with yuppie, young couple types and old liberal lookin folks, which was surprising, but made sense once I tried the product. The price was absurd as the sub was small. The warmth was also unusual. It made the meat feel wet and juicy. I’m used to eatin things with that feeling though. The sub was delicious. My man got a plan and that plan is high quality meat. However, it was slim, and the price was high. So the 8.9 is strictly quality.

This ain't Rico Marinara's grandmothers salumeria.  Bonez man said it all, at $14 this has to be the most expensive Italian in the Boston area especially when you take into account the size.  But a 9.1 rating don't lie.  Once you see the temperature controlled meat locker and grab a couple samples of truffle salami you know this place mean business and the Italian delivers accordingly..  

Dom’s has got it goin on. It may be slightly lower rated than Moody’s, but the bread is on point there. For fewer greenbacks you still get that delicious orange juice leaking out. That orange juice is the color of good food and probably the color of a good STI. Crusty bread, high-quality, triumvirate of designer meat slices with a primo hot relish, and you can’t ask for much more. Considering the price, Dom’s has got a top-three Italian in the metro Boston region.

Bonez loves that Pastene relish more than life itself.  Wouldn't be surprised if he owned some penny stocks in the company.  All about the bread at Dom's.  It's as unique and delicious as you'll find anywhere around the city and elevates what would otherwise be a pretty ordinary offering to the upper echelon of subs.

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