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Friday, September 26, 2014

Nardelli's - Connecticut, Subs and Stuff on the Road

The bad boy of baguettes, your boy Matt E. Bonez, hit the road, and ventured upon Nardelli's. With a sign towering about I-84 in connecticut, Nardelli's has the promotion covered, and I was easily lured off the highway into a run-down, little roadside mall with billboards for Nardelli's and Jesus towering above the shoppe.

With no qualms about it, Nardelli's boldly claims the #1 Grinder in Connecticut.

Without fail, I picked up the Italian Combo with everything. Coincidentally, the former Providence Friar and Boston Celtic, Ryan Gomes signed his contract at Nardelli's while eating this very same sub.

Anyway, this sub is glorified, jumbo Subway on decent bread. The sub is big, but with all of the random toppings and mediocre, random meats, it tastes just like a better version of Subway Italian BMT. Instead of hots, and you know I'm cool with some Pastene relish, they use actual hot sauce, which is a weird, post-Italian-immigrant-era, American cop out. Not to mention, the staff was judgmental and condescending to ya boy's fashion sense. It's a healthy portion size, but this is basic. If this is the #1 grinder in CT, stick to Frank Pepe's pizza and other generic stuff that is connected to UConn somehow.

540 Plank Rd.
Waterbury, CT

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