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Monday, August 4, 2014

Pauli's- North End

Amidst pomp and circumstance, camera crews, and tourists galore, the International Internet Entrepreneurs aka Subs and Stuff Boston were graciously invited to the Exclusive, Promotional Red Carpet Event and Review at Pauli's in the North Lined with chalkboards straight out of Gone in 60 Seconds with every food option ever adorning the boards instead of awkwardly named cars, Pauli’s is well-known around the interwebs for its Daddy Lobster Roll. Truthfully, the shop should be known for its owner, Pauli Barker who graciously welcomed us to his store, recommended his best subs, and genuinely got to know his guests.
Located right next to Neptune Oyster, where you can listen to bougie tourists butcher the names of local neighborhoods, Pauli’s in contrast lets you quickly enjoy a vast array of quality options whereas in the time you wait for Neptune Oyster you could catch your own fish, pay a professional chef to prepare it, and still have some cash leftover to buy several Pauli’s subs.
Ellam, feeling like a dildo in business casual menswear, turned out to fit right in among the North End yO-pRo crowd with guys in gingham and ladies in lululemon. Ain’t nobody tip toe wing, in their Jordans into Pauli’s but those who do stroll in will find expansive selection of quality, limited edish, crowd-pleasing subs at excellent prices particularly in the North End.
Featured far more prominently on the chalkboard iteration than on the traditional menu, the Italian was a no brainer. We took one of those with fresh mozzarella per Pauli’s suggestion, and let the man behind the curtain choose The Vito as the second sub to sample. Although the Fat Cat steak and cheese loaded with bacon and chili cheese fries was haunting the ghost of Fat Ellam, we let Pauli prance his prize ponies, and Pauli put those ponies out to pasture.
At $6.99, the Italian is a very good sub. Although gluttonous, we should have tried the sub with two cheeses—provolone and mozzarella—but the braided roll was soft, flavorful, and held the bounty of ingredients like a mother’s womb. It is similar to Bob’s in Medford, but falls short of Bob’s braided beauty.
The Vito, named after Vito Spatafore of Soprano’s fame, was a blue-ribbon crowd pleasure. Also on a braided roll, the chicken cutlets, well-breaded jumbo tenders, lay on top of sliced ham, provolone, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo. All of the ingredients worked well together, and the peppers and chipotle mayo were both nice touches.
The variety combined with quality at Pauli’s separates this sub shop from your typical middle-of-the-mall, neighborhood sub shop. After our meals, we had the pleasure of speaking with Pauli once more as he regaled the tale of Vito Spatafore in the flesh stopping by the store and offering to craft his own creation behind the counter. If Pauli weren’t such a genuine, kind man, I would not have believed the story as he and the actor Joseph R. Gannascoli are basically identical twins.

At the end of the day, Pauli’s is a guaranteed best bet since it is fairly unique in its offerings for the area and that combined with the friendly service and fair prices are why we think they do such good business. While we were there, Pauli welcomed everyone: tremendously famous sub bloggers, Southern California family decked out in mismatched pastel polos and Nantucket Reds, and other people from the neighborhood coming in and picking up one of the 34,4325,342,1 options from the menu. Subs and Stuff recommends you do the same.

Pauli's North End
65 Salem St.
Boston, MA

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