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Monday, August 25, 2014

Meridian Market-East Boston

For an illustrious website touting reviews of the best subs in Boston, the boys have been spending much of their time outside of city limits lately. Because of this, I brought it back to Boston and took a trip through the Callahan to East Boston. Home of nFarra2, one of Boston's hottest nightlife spots, Eastie also lays claim to Meridian Market where the Noviello family offers serious selection of subs and other classic Iti favorites. Interestingly located toward the bottom of the sub menu, the large Italian with everything came in at an even $7.00. The massive sub wrapped in brown butcher paper felt like a kilo of that Georgia brown in my hand as I scampered across Meridian St. toward my car where I ate it in the front seat like a creep.

The Italian here is very, very good, but not great. As I mentioned, it is a fat daddy and Dad likes out of sheer gluttony. The meat is top [quality] and jammed in there like a Japanese subway car. The hot relish neither overpowers nor adds too much heat to the sub, and the bread is a little on the soft side. For $7.00, it is a good value when we're talking quantity, and it does not disappoint in quality. However, it is not an elite Italian.
Because the sub was listed far down the list, my curiosity and insatiable gluttony had me back at Meridian only a few days later where I promptly devoured their headlining Meridian Special.  At $8.50, this sub has massive chicken cutlets gettin freaky with layers of prosciutto, fresh bocconcini mozzarella, roasted red peppers, basil, and olive oil. This is one of the better subs I have had in Boston without question. To get a better idea of what this bella sandwich can do to a man, I now turn to our moonlighting correspondent, Jo Pino with a Jo Pino update.

Meridian Market
121 Meridian St.
East Boston, MA 02128
Must Try: Meridian Special

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