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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dave's Fresh Pasta - Davis Square, Somerville

I hate Tufts University, but luckily my love for sub sandwiches far outweighs that resentment.  Because of that I decided to brave the purgatory of my alma mater and venture out to Davis Square to hit up Dave's Fresh Pasta.  Despite sounding like an Italian restaurant run by non-Italian people you quickly realize this is more a legit sandwich emporium than anything else when you walk in the door.  Swarms of people make the three block walk northwest of Davis for the creative and diverse lineup of sandwiches this place turns out.  Oh and apparently fresh pasta, wine, cheese, presumably organic produce, and other gourmet groceries that I wish I could afford on the regs but would still kind of feel like a dickhead buying as well.  If I were Dave I'd probably dedicate more than a third of the storefront to the cramped and constantly crowded sandwich counter since that seems to be their bread and butter.  PUN FULLY INTENDED.  The rest of the place ends up acting as a sort of awkward sandwich waiting room, which can only get worse when the Jumbo's are back in town.  On to the review:

This was my first time indulging in their Italian ($8.95) despite plenty of previous visits and as you can tell by the rating I was pleasantly surprised.  This is a borderline elite creation.  The chewy pane rustico that had to be from Iggy's was a nice change of pace and the ratio of quality ingredients was spot on.  If you're a fan of sweet peppers over hot you're boring, but this may get bumped up into that upper echelon as a result.  For me the roasted red peppers dominated any pickled hot peppers that were included.  This bitch needed some acidity like Bonez needs a 95' Kawasaki Ninja.  If I'm in the mood for an Italian how often would I choose Dave's over it's Medford counterpart, the oft recommended Bob's Italian Foods?  You'll just have to tune into the upcoming Bob's review to find out.

Dave's Fresh Pasta
81 Holland St, Somerville, MA 02144
(617) 623-0867

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