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Friday, July 11, 2014

Santarpio's - East Boston

WE MADE IT.  Dipset aside Mr. E Bonez has been in Brasil getting in slapping fights in luxury boxes at World Cup matches and I've been on Block Island getting toasted.  That was only for a week; the rest of the time I was celebrating America leading up to the Fourth.  And being lazy. 

Simply put, Santarpio's is the most heralded pizza purveyor in Boston and by default Massachusetts.  It was really the only choice to open up the "stuff" portion of the blog.  We're kind of like Taco Bell selling a billion Doritos Locos tacos (in our case five sub reviews) to take over the fast food game and then pivoting to breakfast ("stuff") after realizing all they had to do was replace the mystery meat with mystery eggs.

What I neglected to mention is that the pizza reviewed was a standard cheese with garlic. Whatever pizza you order please ball out and kick them the extra buck for garlic.  Luckily their two best options already come equipped:  the legendary sausage and garlic and my personal favorite, pepperoni, garlic and hot peppers.  Their charcoal grilled meats are legit and can even be ordered as a stand alone meal complete with hot cherry peppers and bread (the Lamb and Sausage Combo platter was recently included on Eater's list of Boston's Most Iconic Meat Dishes ).  

How does Santarpio's stack up against the field?  At or near the top depending on what style of pizza you prefer or are in the mood for.  For me it's a tough comparison since the style of pizza is so much different than other favorites like Picco or Area Four.  It's a thinner, crispier crust with a thicker sauce (probably the highlight for me), the cheese is baked over the toppings, and you pickup your takeout pizzas from a side door that leads directly into the kitchen.  It's kind of like do I want to drink a bunch Bud Light's with the Bud Light 69ers squad or have a few drinks at a nice beer bar.  They're both perfect for different situations.  Bottom line, Santarpio's is one of the few must try pizza places in Boston.  

Santarpio's - East Boston location is CASH ONLY
111 Chelsea St., Boston, MA 02128
(The also have a Peabody location if you're cruising route 1)

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