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Monday, May 19, 2014

Tutto Italiano

Upon first glance, I was not impressed by the basic meat and hots game. The meat hung out of the sides of the bread like love handles on a great, big fat person. 

The excessive lettuce dangled down to the wrapper like a vegetable-version of Rapunzel after a shower. I was excited to try the beautiful, “Bastaciole” (Read: treccia) bread, but I was seriously disappointed and wounded after the first bite. The bread is made of rocks. My mouth desperately needed a salve for the cuts the crusty bread created. 
Beyond bread, the meat is of average quality, and the meat-to-bread ratio is essentially rendered irrelevant due to the Aggro Crag roll.  Granted, the standard panino roll was delicious and more kind, but I unfortunately upgraded to the braided treccia. I tasted only mortadella, and they skimped on the provolone.  With a seriously basic hots game, the banana peppers add almost nothing to the sandwich, and the sub lacks the tangy spicyness a first-class hot relish delivers (shout out to Monica’s). Along these lines, the oil and vinegar were nothing special, and the herbal essences were underwhelming.  With much more olive oil, the bread may have softened to a palatable magma, but instead, it was granite. All together, it is a tasty sandwich, but it lacks anything special that would earn the best Italian in Boston title granted by the readers of the Herald. But then again, I’m not surprised, because those people read the Herald. Nonetheless, the store is legit, and it is a family owned and operated bastion of all-things-Italian including an exceptionally friendly staff. For this Mick, though, that type of stuff isn't earning them any bonus points. However, the Italian baby-making ballad on their website is worth a listen.

Tutto Italiano
1889 River St.
Hyde Park, Boston, MA

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