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Friday, May 16, 2014

Subs n' Stuff

Subs and pizza are inarguably two of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind.  But currently when you search the interwebs for something like the “best sub in Boston”, or more specifically the “best Italian sub in Boston”, you’re limited to the crazies on Yelp, a Chowhound discussion from 2007, and a weak blog post from a now defunct newspaper with anonymous reviews from people like the “BBQ Guy”.  No one wants recommendations from an article that chose what looks to be a stock Jersey Mike’s photo to lead things off:

Lincoln in Southie won Eater’s Pizza Week 2014, it’s not really any more complicated than that on the pizza front.  Don't get me wrong, their pizza is decent, but a place that's known more for fights and Vineyard Vine's brunch bro's crushing cheap prosecco is not good looks.  Boston may not be New York when it comes to pizza, but obviously the people need to get learned without having to read an essay of a review about how Rico Marinara’s grandfather built the places oven in Italy.  This is what Mr. Bonez and I would like to bring to the table.  Simple, but detailed reviews on a 1-10 scale of the best italians, pizza n' stuff the greater Boston area and beyond has to offer.   Maybe there will be some recipes by Jennifer or some pants reviews by Branzie, I just don't know, but if you're looking for a good sub or slice this is the spot.

Current Favorites:
Subs (Italian):  Bob's Italian Foods, Medford OR Monica's Mercato, North End
Pizza:  Picco, South End OR Santarpio's, East Boston

Toppings of Choice:
Italian Sub: Hots, Lettuce, Tomato, don't put balsamic or pickles anywhere near it
Pizza:  Cheese for review purposes, pepperoni and hot peppers otherwise

In closing, rest assured we will not bunt.

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