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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Casa Razdora - Financial District

According to this guy and these two, the Italiano sub at Casa Razdora on Water St. in the Financial District is the best Italian sub in Boston, and two of them are from other cities where other people's ancestors also came from Italy, so obviously they know.  Nonetheless, there was some chatter from the money makers downtown about Casa Razdora's italian, so I was like I gotta get that

This bad boy came fresh off the slicer. Homie from the motherland was shouting out orders in Italian while slicing the meats and toppings directly onto the italian loaf sliced in half. For $6.99, the Italiano comes with mortadella, soppressata, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, oils, and hots. I didn't change a thing, but I was disappointed they used pickled, hot peppers here. It was a step up from the banana peppers, but it wasn't no hot relish. Basically, the meats were good quality, but not great. The copious locks of lettuce hanging from the sub drowned out the paltry layer of meat.  It tasted similar to Tutto Italiano's, and in the end, I gave it 0.1 extra points, because the bread didn't tear my mouth to shreds. No foot clan for this guy.

Overall, not the best in Boston, but not bad.
Casa Razdora
115 Water St. 
Financial District, Boston, MA


  1. Your ancestors from Ireland yo.

  2. Excellent filmography on this one

  3. Thanks Jeff Branz. You're a good fan and a good videographer. Dan Cataldo, you're right about that one!